We provide the best Tech solution to our client

We uses upgraded technologies through which our client get volume of traffic,speed and clarity of information transmission.
We provide high speed internet connection by using optical fiber.

Mobile Application Development

As the mobile marketing is going viral today and as number of smart phone are purchased during last year.
So,it is now keystroke for marketing to develop the mobile application .We develop application in IOS ,Android And windows Application .

Web Design Development

We will use boostrap and responsive tools through which your website will be fully responsive in mobile,tablet,laptop and desktop-pc.
we will provide you simply managed dashboard and by this terminologies your business will grow and extend to new level. It may be possible that your customer will first check your website for the company's information.
So, we develop impressive design which gives positive effect to your customer.

E-Commerce Development

Now a days the online business is taking a strategic turn up. The all the E-Commerce business transaction occurs either B2B or C2C or C2B.
By the online selling the domain of the areas for selling is also increasing . For this E-commerce website we use Magento , Wordpress CMS service. As in E-commerce development their is always the key term focus is security.
Our team built effective security code and the website will secure with feature of secure transactions by SSL service.And the secure payment gateway will be also provided to our Client.

Software Development

We have experience grip in .NET technology . We develop our client Software in .NET MVC Architecture as per their requirement.
As .NET technology gives interoperability between language ,type checking, portability ,security,maintainability the software built with Full modern function.
ASP.NET is Web application development and windows application development technology introduced by microsoft.
Through this technology we you custom software development service.
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The Company's Terminology.

Device Filteration

We provide highly secured network through which our client's confidential data can never be read by any intruder.

High speed Bandwidth

As we have updated optical fibre connections which light wave occupies the frequency range between 2*1012 hz to 3.7*1012Hz gives highbandwidth.>


Our Engineer guide you with network related configuration.


We our here to provide you all the communication regarding Support .

Pipl gives best reliable and consistent network and software development service in india. which gives you affordable and cheapest price rate with high quality network and Software services.

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